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  Francesca Lisette
Francesca Lisette is currently studying at the University of Sussex. Her work has appeared in Axolotl and Invisibly Tight Institutional Outer Flanks Dub (Verb) Glorious National High Violence. Her poem Tarorchid is available from Grasp Press.



Little razors stir fleet waxes;
gone vacant at the prow
                                 runs for the scout
okinoyami caves in fuzzy felt
                    pirouette titters du barre
think terrorize emoticon bra-bra-bra-bra- ssband
and all this stripped clicker go 4 a.m
   cubed sick(!) difficulty cutting its proles

reflects torment infirmity
devils collect red-herrings and scatter
                                       wishbone static
 s:th wants to fuck with daylight
ordered to rob lynxes of their s/m proximity
flops cells _connect601_ flops turbine

lung elsewhere in the landscape
is tree wither? ___||__ fiddle while Rome burns
            late spring floods yellow
prising Schizo’s dysphoria : eyes ocean
white ‘til your hands leave body
  a wrapped gun in water
aggression failure STICKY: INTROS
               valent miasma

anti-wrestling riots fit rebate //agonist
kappa-opioid presses on,
spine swerves to mask unglued
          : this calm unaided
a desert found wanting for lasered toffs
simulate MiacronInc. imperial ducks
      like no other search engine, she hums
tears out jaundiced-gold soloist,
     crucial stats crumbling to dreamlife.

© Francesca Lisette 2009