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  Geraldine Monk
Geraldine Monk was born in Lancashire and now lives in Yorkshire. Her latest collection of poems Escafeld Hangings was brought out in 2005 by West House Books. Please visit www.westhousebooks.co.uk for a more complete biography. The Salt Companion to Geraldine Monk, edited by Scott Thurston, was published in 2007.



from Ghost & Other Sonnets

When the fog partially cleared
Placing a sticky label on each
Eyelid seemed a droll idea. The
Night had longed. Arched and dirty
Dancing fermenting
Future apparitions. Birthday orchids,
Smudge upper lips refining delicate matters.
Disapproval of the too beautiful and third-removed
Crude high-jinks folding under surreal
Innocence. Begrudging
Brooders itch to roost a freak. Out-
Swoop was swift with low-down and shocking.

Everything harmless hurls the
Crossed-stitched space and snags.


Topping the head
Heights begat a dropping
Down-z-round Snake Pass. A city.
A lit distant horizontal plain as
Daylight playing suntricks
Beyond the peaks and
Dark waters whiter than a
Southern Spanish town
Shone a hover outing
Heavy reddish bricks
Residual hacking-soot.
Fact to face with a wonder.

Three needless dead the night before
Morning. Manchester in a state of vision.


Not waking and finding herself
Famous but notoriously on the floor
The bread-making machine had
Baked a skull. Typical. With each
Inversed incremental moon the
Stain on the wall behind the wall
Waxed and waxed and now this:
Brown bread.
Damned by death shaping the
Day ahead into inevitable uncertainty.
So she sighed a wheat-field sough. This
Clown of a loaf was the last straw.

She fashionably faded as
All the rage around her grew. Some.


By accident who wandered in sinful
Shade knocking sun beamings off
Axis the brilliant day dimmed
Somewhat. How icy the mutual alarm
Evaporating certainty from a stasis
Atoms spitting like they do a
Bluster of embarrassment. You! You!
Panic-driven guffaws grew metallic
Claws tendering very ideas of such
Unholy collision. Stuff happens. Not
Solely at night but in the full of bright
Of true and other yes.

Being scared stiff of shadows tires coloured
Balloons and redesigns the schedules.

© Geraldine Monk 2008