Issue Six Index
    Amy De'Ath
    Kai Fierle-Hedrick
    Sarah Kelly
    D. S. Marriott
    Timothy Thornton

    Michael Kindellan reviews Sara Crangle, Wild Ascending Lisp
    Peter Manson reviews Keston Sutherland, Stress Position

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    Alison Brackenbury
    Wayne Burrows
    Amy De'Ath
    Carrie Etter
    Kai Fierle-Hedrick
    Jane Griffiths
    Peter Hughes
    Sarah Kelly
    Tim Kendall
    Sarah Law
    Francesca Lisette
    Tom Lowenstein
    D. S. Marriott
    Geraldine Monk
    Alistair Noon
    Richard Parker
    Mark Prince
    Justin Quinn
    Peter Riley
    Peter Robinson (issue 3)
    Peter Robinson (issue 5)
    John Seed
    Robert Sheppard
    James Sutherland-Smith
    George Szirtes
    Timothy Thornton
    Carol Watts
    John Welch
    John Wilkinson

    David Constantine
    Andrew Duncan
    Ken Edwards
    Jamie McKendrick
    Alice Notley
    Peter Robinson

    New European Poets
    Eléna Rivera, In Respect of Distance
    David Chaloner, Collected Poems
    David Constantine, Collected Poems
    Sara Crangle, Wild Ascending Lisp
    Ken Edwards, No Public Language: Selected Poems
    Geoffrey Hill, A Treatise of Civil Power
    Christopher Logue, All Day Permanent Red
    Peter McDonald, Pastorals
    Stephen Romer, Faber 20th Century French Poetry
    Keston Sutherland, Stress Position
    John Welch, Collected Poems
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